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Art of Tactic - How to play !!

Hello friends !!!
In this section , I'll try to explain the mechanism of the game . My English is not perfect , sorry for this !!


Battlefield is divided into numbeder hexagons . These hexagons reprensent different types of terrain.
In the game, each type of terrain has its own special rules , We'll see after !!

                                                           Units and unit cards

Each unit is represented on battlefield by a model, and has a matching Unit Card with all abilities , characteristics , and available orders for that unit .
Unit cost (red circled)
This value shows the relative power of unit. You must spend a number of "Force points" equal to this value in order to add the unit to you army !!

                                                        Deploy zone

At the biginning of each scenario, some hexagons are assigned to deployment of units.

                                                        The course of the battle

A game is played over a series of turns . Each turn is divided into two phase : the Planning Phase and Execution Phase. The two phases must be completed in order. A phase is complete when all players have completed all their actions for that phase . No player can begin taking actions for Execution Phase until all players have completed the Planning Phase .
When the Execution Phase is complete, the game turn ends and the next turn begins with a new Planning Phase

                                          The Planning Phase: Issuing orders to units

All players must secretly give orders to all their units . Do not reveal your orders to your opponent during this phase !!!
When all players have issued orders to all their units, the Planning Phase ends .
                                                  German Planning Phase
All German units receive a Move Order
Different types of units can be given different movement orders .

In this case , all German units receve a March order (red circled)

When you  give a unit Move Orders , you must write down the exact path the unit will take .
If a unit with March Order is moving along a road , it receves a bonus to it's totale movement for the turn :
Infantry +1
Trucks +3
Armored cars +2
Light tank +2
Medium tank +2
Heavy tank +1+In this case , German infantry units receive +1 bonus  (green circled)
                                               Soviet Planning Phase

All Soviet units receive a March Order.

For infantry unit +1 bonus and tank unit +2 bonus(the tank unit choose to receive only one bonus point).
 Planning Phase Completed

                                      Execution Phase:Carrying out order

The players must now turn over all their Unit Cards to reveal the back sides , so their opponents can see all the orders given , After this moment , no orders can be cancelled or replaced !!!
All units now execute their orders , following the steps listed below.
All units with the first order (Defend) execute theirs orders before any units with the second order (Suppression Fire) execute theirs , and so on. Orders of the same type always occur at the same time. To simplify play , the players may complete theirs orders by taking turns , but the effects of these actions are always considered to be simultaneous !!!

At this time, there are no orders for step 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 !!! Only step 10 "Move Out"

 All units with Movement Orders take action

                                           Step 11 : Fortitude tests

There are no Fortitude Tests to solve!!!

                                              Step 12 Update Status

All players remove marks from Order Boxes .

 End Turn 1

                                                   Turn 2 , Planning Phase

                                                 German Planning Phase

German unit 1 receive Move Careful Order

German unit 2 receive Defend Order

German unit 3 receive Move and Fire Order

                                               Soviet Planning Phase

Soviet unit 1 receive March Order
Soviet unit 2 recieve March Order
Soviet unit 3 recieve Fire Order

 Planning Phase Completed

                                           Execution Phase:Carrying out order

                                              Step 1: Defend

German unit 2 has an Defend Order and receive a Kill Zone

                                             Step 2 : Suppression Fire

  There are no units with Suppression Fire order

                                                  Step 3 : Open Fire
 Soviet unit 3 has an Open Fire order

A unit with Open Fire Order must expend one Ammunition Point(1)
Fire Tests
a -Determine Line of Sight
b -Determine the range to target (2)
c -Determine the type of target (3)
d -Determine the Firepower of attacking unit(the number of dice to roll as show on the Unit Card)(4)
e -Roll the dice
 f -Compare the dice roll to the accuracy value shown on the unit'Range Diagram , based on the range to the target.(2)
 g -Remove any dice that roll higher than the Accuracy
 h-The remaining dice are "Hits"
 i -Reduce the defence Value of the target unit one point for each hit , until it reaches zero (5)
 j -Any remaining hits inflict casualities

a -Soviet unit 3 can see his target
b -The range is 3 (2)
c -The target is an infantry unit (3)
d -Soviet Firepower is 9 (4)
e -Roll the dice !!!!!
f -Accuracy for  Soviet BT5 is 1 (2)
g -Remove any dice that roll higher than the Accuracy
h -One hit !!!
i -Defence value for German infantry unit 2 is 1+1 bonus for receive an Defence Order(5)

Now , German infantry unit Defence Value is 1 and there are no casualities

                         There are no order for steps 4,5,6,7,8,9

                                               Step 10: Move Out

All player units with Move Out Order Take action

  German unit 3 with Move and Fire Order take action
A unit with Move and Fire Order must expend one Ammunition Point(1)

a -German unit 3 can see his target
b -The range is 3 (2)
c -The target is an Light Tank unit (3)
d -German Firepower is 9 (4) -2 dice for Move and Fire order (blu circled)
e -Roll the dice !!!!!
 f -Accuracy for  German Tank is 1 (2)
g -Remove any dice that roll higher than the Accuracy
h -Two hits !!!
i -Defence value for Soviet BT5 is 2

Now , Soviet BT5 Defence Value is 0 and there are no casualities !!!!!

                                             Step 11 : Fortitude tests
There are no Fortitude Tests to solve!!!

                                              Step 12 Update Status

All players remove marks from Order Boxes .

  End Turn 2

 Well !! This was the first part of "How to play". If you have any questions to ask , I'll be at your disposal    for technical explanations !!!
I hope you like this !!!  

Welcome The Angry Lurker !!
Welcome Prince_repnin                



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  1. Looks a bit complicated to me. But maybe it's clearer when you can play the game.

    Never the less this is very good information for all who want to play the game!


  2. Thanks for explanations, I have been wondering what this game was like. The appearance is like Squad Leader with miniatures, good, and the plotting of moves sounds like Wooden Ships and Iron Men, both popular Avalon Hill boardgames.

    But in that last game, it was okay with a few ships to plot every bit of a move, and more of a pain when there were whole fleets.

    So that is what could limit the size of game here. It sounds like you are liking it anyway.

    Question, what size of unit is represented by a 'unit,' and what is the distance scale like for one hex?

  3. Hello friends
    When I read the rules, it seemed a bit complicated, but when I started to test it, almost everything was quite clear and fast. Except a few "holes" in the rules! I believe that when the updated version will come out, these bugs will be corrected.
    I have not yet understood what is the scale of the game, I believe that one stand is one company . I am doing research on the official site!!
    Carlo Antonio

  4. Grazie, ma questi bug, che sono gli insetti?